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It's late Summer, and here in the Northern Hemisphere the weather is heating up. To cool things down -- or maybe not -- NPOB is heading South. Yup. You read it right. South. But we promise that we haven't lost our minds. This month, we're celebrating romances set in two countries where December means summer, August means winter, and everything else, from history to wildlife, is equally unique. One of these incredible places has been called the Land Down Under, the Last Frontier, and the Last of Lands. The other has been called the Land of the Long White Cloud and, most recently, the Home of Middle Earth. Yes, you guessed it -- we're talking about Australia and New Zealand! Australia and New Zealand, with their incredible beauty and amazing histories, provide settings for some of the hottest (well, we didn't say we'd cool things off *entirely,* did we?) romances published today. Whether historical or contemporary, these novels have something to offer that no other books do: Aussie and Kiwi males! Men from New Zealand and Australia -- they're as unique and remarkable as the countries themselves. Rugged, strong, and shaped by the sometimes harsh lands in which they live, these are heroes unlike any others; men not afraid of what may come, who live not just by their wits and will, but also by their own sheer physical force. They face every challenge thrown their way and overcome it with a determination that their singular histories have forged in them from generation to generation. The woman who takes on -- and tames -- such a man must be equally unique, intelligent and strong of will, and she is. The challenge is great, but the outcome so worthwhile. If you want a great read to take you through the dog days of summer, pull up a lounge chair and settle back with romances set in Australia and New Zealand. You'll feel as if you've been transported to a cooler place that the hottest men call home. It all adds up for a deliciously romantic and pleasurable time! G'day...
Historical Setting CASSIE EDWARDS -- TOUCH THE WILD WIND IRIS JOHANSEN -- THIS FIERCE SPLENDOR CONNIE MASON -- WILD LAND, WILD LOVE LINDA LAEL MILLER -- MOONFIRE, ANGELFIRE CANDICE PROCTOR -- SEPTEMBER MOON, NIGHT IN EDEN KATHERINE SUTCLIFFE -- ONCE A HERO Contemporary Setting HELEN BIANCHIN -- THE MARRIAGE DEAL, YESTERDAY'S SHADOW, MASTER OF ULURU FIONA BRAND -- BLADE'S LADY DOROTHY CORK -- WALKABOUT WIFE EMMA DARCY -- MISCHIEF AND MARRIAGE ROBYN DONALD -- A RELUCTANT MISTRESS JESSICA HART -- A BRIDE FOR BARRA CREEK KAY HOOPER -- ADELAIDE, THE ENCHANTRESS, GOLDEN FLAMES BRONWYN JAMESON -- ZANE THE WILD ONE** IRIS JOHANSEN -- SATIN ICE, WILD SILVER, MATILDA, THE ADVENTURESS ELIZABETH LOWELL -- CHAIN LIGHTNING ANN MAXWELL -- DIAMOND TIGER JUDITH MICHAEL -- ACTS OF LOVE DIANA PALMER -- THE AUSTRALIAN FAYRENE PRESTON -- SILKEN THUNDER, SYDNEY, THE TEMPTRESS, COPPER FIRE ESSIE SUMMERS -- ONE MORE RIVER TO CROSS, THE TENDER LEAVES, HIGH COUNTRY GOVERNESS** MARGARET WAY -- MAIL-ORDER MARRIAGE, WHITE MAGNOLIA While we have named just a few specific titles - there are a number of Harlequin old and new authors whose work is many times set in Australia and New Zealand: to name a few..... Lindsay Armstrong, Daphne Clair, Dorothy Cork, Emma Darcy, Joyce Dingwell, Elizabeth Duke, Jessica Hart, and Lucy Walker. ...and of course we mustn't foget the Australian Mini-series, titled... The Australians. To order any of the above books click here. You may search by author or title. Readers and Authors - send us your recommendations for a book that fits this theme read list. ** Another favourite author of over 20 Australian based books is Kerry Allyne -- Deepa Singh ** I read your article on books from Austraila and New Zealand and was very surprised that one of the most interesting authors was left off the list. I am talking about Essie Summers. She was one of the first Harlequin Romance writers starting in 1961 and wrote until the late 1980's. I am sure from your descriptions I could take a tour of New Zealand and now every place on the map. -- Aileen Wolfe ** From author Bronwyn Jameson I couldn't resist this heading! My three Silhouette Desires are all set in Aussieland. For the most Aussie I'd pick ADDICTED TO NICK while my latest release is also set in the Aussie bush -- ZANE: THE WILD ONE I would also like to add Barbara Hannay - try OUTBACK BABY or OUTBACK WITH THE BOSS. Also, Superromance author Joan Kilby, I'd recommend The Cattleman's Bride and Melissa James's HER GALAHAD is coming soon and features a wonderful Australian indigenous hero.
Bronwyn@bronwynjameson.com E-MAIL Subject line - Aussies and Kiwis

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