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Now You See Me
By: Tina Wainscott
(as of: 04/20/18)
Manufacturer: St. Martin's Paperbacks
ISBN: 0312979096
Publication Date: 2002-10-13
Availability: Not Available at Present, please check back later.

Sorry Unavailable

Product Description:

This book is now available in Kindle format under the title BLINDSIGHT
Olivia was eight years old when she was trapped in the twisted fantasies of a kidnapper. Escaping with her life, the trauma left her blind, and her innocence shattered. But Olivia would escape with something else--a psychic gift that has become her greatest weapon...

Sixteen years to the day, it's happened again. A little girl named Phaedra has disappeared. Olivia saw it happen. In her private darkness came the vision: the toys...the chloroform...the scissors...the cage...

Olivia shares the stark fear in the young girl's eyes, and the terrifying fate only Olivia can stop. But to find the fiendish killer and save Phaedra means returning to the terrors of her own past--and opening her eyes to an inescapable new nightmare.

St. Martin's October 2002 Romantic Suspense Palomera, Florida (near Sarasota) -- 20-25 December 2000 Blind due to a head injury when she was kidnapped at the age of eight, Olivia Howe developed psychic abilities after she was rescued by a young boy she considers her guardian angel. As an adult, she has sometimes formed a telepathic connection with young children kidnapped by strangers, but never one as intense as she experiences today, on the sixteenth anniversary of her own abduction. Nor have the images ever been as vivid as the ones she sees this morning. Hoping to be able to prevent the kidnapping, Olivia races to the toy store, but the security guards there think she is crazy -- no child has been reported missing -- and refuse to heed her pleas. After several minutes of futile arguing, she leaves and goes home to listen to the news. Detective Max Callahan has been going through the motions of life and his job since his wife and daughter were killed by a car bomb two years ago -- a bomb supposedly planted by a kidnapper Max apprehended and sent to jail. Although he'd once been one of the department's heroes, now Max gets the easy cases...until today. This new case, which started out as a child missing in a toy store, has all the earmarks of a kidnapping, plunging Max back into his nightmares. When he and his partner hear about the blind woman who came into the store several minutes before the child was reported missing, claiming a little girl had been kidnapped, they go to her apartment to question her. Max's partner makes it clear he doesn't believe the woman's claims of a telepathic connection with the child. Max isn't sure what he thinks; he has the feeling that he knows the woman, even though he is certain he has never seen her before. With few clues, Max is willing to consider whatever information he can get, even from Olivia's psychic connection with the little girl. The more he's around Olivia, the more convinced he is that her ability is real -- and the stronger his urge to protect her. Olivia, on the other hand, begins to doubt herself. There are too many similarities between what she thinks she sees and what happened to her sixteen years ago, and since it cannot be the same kidnapper -- he died a few days later -- she must be confusing the two incidents in her mind. Or is she? Can Max and Olivia save the little girl from the fate Olivia escaped? NOW YOU SEE ME is a riveting tale of suspense, intrigue, and the healing power of love. The battle of good against evil is particularly important for Olivia and Max, both of whom have suffered more than any person should have to endure. But to save the kidnapped child and capture this fiendish killer, they must confront their deepest fears. The kidnapper knows their vulnerabilities and is quick to exploit them; Max and Olivia are the hunters and, in some ways, the hunted. A diverse cast of secondary characters adds depth and texture to this well-written, thoroughly engrossing tale. The plot has more twists and turns than a labyrinth, and the suspense just keeps building. Readers will be on the edge of their seats for most of this white-knuckle thriller. With characters and a story you'll remember long after the last page is turned, NOW YOU SEE ME is a strong contender for the best romantic suspense book of the year.
By: Review by Susan Lantz

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