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Somebody's Baby: A Darling, VT Novel
By: Donna Alward
List Price: $7.99
Your Price: $7.99
(as of: 06/19/18)
Manufacturer: St. Martin's Paperbacks
ISBN: 125009268X
Publication Date: 2017-04-04
Release Date 2017-04-04
Availability: Usually ships in 24 hours

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Product Description:

Veterinarian Rory Gallagher chose a different path from his brothers, both of whom became first responders in the lovely little town of Darling, Vermont. Rory's always had an affinity for animals―and the ladies. Known for his impressive track record in breaking hearts, Rory never meant to hurt anyone; he's just never been in a hurry to settle down. It's not as if he needs to pay a visit to the town's famed Kissing Bridge to magically find love. He'll know The One when he sees her. . .right?

Oaklee Collier is the kid sister of Rory's best friend―and, even now that she's all grown up, remains immune to the pet-doctor's charms. When she shows up at Rory's clinic late one night―devastated after hitting a stray dog with her car―Rory's so-called "bedroom eyes" are the last thing on her mind. Still, his care and kindness toward the dog, and his concern for her feelings, catches Oaklee by surprise. . .and soon the two (and rescued dog makes three!) begin to share a deep connection that neither could have ever imagined. Could it be that love has been waiting for them by the bridge all along?

Oaklee Collier, frustrated by all the wedding and baby showers she is attending wonders if she'll ever be lucky enough to have one given for her. After being left at the altar in Vegas, she's been afraid to open up and love again, so she immerses herself in her job working for the town of Darling, Vermont.

One evening, Oaklee grabs her phone to answer a text while driving, knowing it's wrong, but she's on a deserted road, and no one is around. Before she realizes it, she hears a thump only to discover she hit a dog. Ashamed and frightened, she bundles the pup in a blanket and takes him to Rory Gallagher, the local vet.

Rory is best friends with Oaklee's older brother, and a guy she had a crush on since she was very young. His care and gentleness with the dog touches her heart. Buster (the name they both give him) requires a cast and Rory talks Oaklee into fostering him until they can find his owner or a permanent family. Oaklee wants to decline as she is fearful of ties, but her guilt and the adorable pooch make her accept.

Buster isn't the only one to win her over. She still feels an attraction for Rory, yet she fells she cannot depend on anyone. Rory too comes with baggage after his heart had been broken, but he notices his best friend's sister is now a fascinating woman and something is between them that is too hard to deny.

Book #3 in the Darling, VT series, Somebody's Baby opens hearts to trust, acceptance, and a second chance for love.

By: Nancy Lepri, ReaderToReader.com

Darling, Vermont Series - Book 3

Somebody's Baby is the third story in Donna Alward's Darling, Vermont series and does have minor spoilers to the previous stories. However, Somebody's Baby does stand on its own.

Oaklee Collier was surrounded by love and the procreative results, and she was so tired of it. She had thought by now that it would be her. She had even bought the dress, paid for the trip, only to be stood up at the altar. The only saving grace had been that they had been eloping so nobody was aware of her humiliation. Now she was home, working in a job she loved. And independent. She took care of herself, and she made a point of not needing to have her parents or older brother help her.

Rory Gallagher was living a life he hadn't wanted. Single, doing the dating scene, not committing to anyone. He was home alone in his apartment over the veterinarian clinic when Oaklee arrived with an injured dog. She obviously had no experience with animals, but was determined to see the animal helped, regardless of her financial situation. Once the dog was ready to leave the clinic, Rory had no qualms using guilt to convince Oaklee to continue helping by fostering.

Oaklee needed help with the dog, and Rory was more than willing to offer. In fact, the more time he spent with her, the more he realized that there was more to her than the persona she presented to the community. He'd thought he knew her, she was his best friend's little sister, but he realized she was hiding parts of herself. He understood that, he was doing the same, and the more she revealed, Rory realized the more he wanted her for himself.

Somebody's Baby was a fun quick romance that I enjoyed. Both Oaklee and Rory had been introduced previously in this series. I was eager to learn about the woman who single handedly seemed to make the townspeople dance to her tune. She was always actively engaged in everything going on, and promoting the events on social media. Rory was engaging, dedicated, and caring. I did find it difficult to understand why Oaklee was so adamant about not having her professional hockey player brother or parents assist her, especially considering if their situations were reversed, she would want to help them. I do hope that Ms Alward returns to Darling, Vermont to continue with the three Gallagher sisters.

By: Kathy Andrico, KathysReviewCorner.com

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