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From MomZilla to A Great Place for Murder. Enjoy serious to seriously funny things authors want you to know about themselves, their ideas, and what makes them tick.

What Made Maddy's Phoenix soar?
Patricia Yager Delagrance


We reached out to the northern California author and find out how she was able to capture reviewers and readers with her deeply poignant story about a young woman living a hard scrabble life, who risks her freedom to save the life of a trash bin baby.

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These Boots Were Made For Hiking
Rebecca Brooks

Rebecca Brooks may be a big city girl, spinning her hot contemporary romances in her Bronx, New York apartment, but this exciting author’s heart lies anywhere her hiking boots can take her. In fact, the seeds of her Men of Gold Mountain series for Entangled were planted while Rebecca was hiking in Washington’s picturesque Cascade Mountains with her husband.

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How Do The Amish Celebrate Christmas?
Wanda Brustetter

Bestselling author Wanda Brunstetter’s love for and friendship with those in the Amish community has placed her in a unique position to tell stories about the Plain People in an accurate and entertaining way.

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White Weddings and Really Big Cakes
Julia London

With the current enthusiasm for historical pageantry not only in books but in movies and television . . . it's a perfect time to share an historical tidbit written for Reader To Reader by New York Times bestselling author, Julia London.

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How Do The Amish Celebrate Christmas?
Wanda Brustetter

Bestselling author Wanda Brunstetter’s love for and friendship with those in the Amish community has placed her in a unique position to tell stories about the Plain People in an accurate and entertaining way.

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Wild West Adventures
Lindsay McKenna

Author of  Wind River Wrangler

Award winning author Lindsay McKenna writes not only from the heart but from personal experience. In this guest post, shares how her military training along with her horse training and love of nature adds reality to her latest romantic suspense novel, Wind River Wrangler.

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Better Be Careful What You Whisper In This Santa's Ear
Sheila Roberts

Author of  Three Christmas Wishes

Sheila's 2016 holiday story, Three Christmas Wishes, has "classic" written all over it. On a lark, three friends who are hurting in the romance department visit a mall Santa and tell him their most ardent wish, to find the right man, and, boy, does Santa deliver! But later they find out they’re the only ones who saw this particular Santa.

Is it possible he was really . . . St. Nick?

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Dream Wedding or Momzilla Nightmare
Sheila Roberts

Author of A Wedding on Primrose Street

Much has been written about brides who morph into Bridezillas when planning their weddings. But in Sheila Roberts’ delightful August novel, A Wedding on Primrose Street, it’s the mom who does the morphing—into a full-blown Momzilla!

We couldn't help wondering about Sheila’s own wedding. Did her big day inspire this latest installment in her Icicle Falls series, where a wedding planner transforms into a Momzilla after her poor daughter announces her engagement?

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Savannah . . . A Great Place for Murder!
Duffy Brown

Author of Demise in Denim
Consignment Shop Mystery Series


Savannah is a city where the spirits of the long ago departed still linger in sultry streets and moss-drenched cemeteries. Okay, even if you don't believe in ghosts the homes, B&Bs, restaurants, bars, town squares where people met their end are still there. The city is built upon its dead.

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The Magic of Creativity
Jodi Thomas

Author of One True Heart

New York Times bestselling author, Jodi Thomas continues to be a fan favorite and in April readers will once again have the opportunity to visit Harmony, Texas One True Heart by Jodi Thomaswith the release of One True Heart. In her RTR Guest Post she shares with us a fun tid-bit about her next book that involves a fortune teller

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Treasure Hunter . . .
Susannah Sandlin

Author of Deadly, Calm, and Cold

Alabama-based author Susannah Sandlin writes The Collectors, a romantic thriller series that reviewers have described as "National Treasure" meets "Indiana Jones." The newest book in the series, Deadly, Calm, and Cold, involves a modern couple’s race against time to find the British crown jewels lost by “Bad King John” back in 1216.

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All women have dreams . . .
Jean Sasson

Author of Princess, More Tears to Cry

All women have dreams, but not equally. This is because women’s lives are not equal. The inequalities in women’s lives do not occur due to their financial status, or their lack of beauty, but instead, inequalities are strongly coupled with geography. Where a woman is born too often sets the course of her life and governs her dreams.

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Things that go bump in the night . . .
Darynda Jones

Author of Seventh Grave and No Body

With Halloween fast approaching, I thought I’d jot down the things about the macabre holiday that inspire me to write in the realm of the supernatural world. And then I thought, Wait! The easier question would be what about Halloween ‘doesn’t’ inspire me? 

There ain’t much.
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What it Means to Miss New Orleans
Laura Lane McNeal

Author of Dollbaby

Laura Lane McNeal is the debut author of Dollbaby, a novel set in 1960s  New Orleans.  Her setting and characters are so well defined that you will not want the book to end even though you are rapidly turning the pages to see just what will happen in the lives of her very Southern characters.  In this guest post, McNeal shares with readers her love of home and southern pride in family.

"When I sat down to write Dollbaby, I strove to portray New OIrleans in its most authentic light, harking back to a bygone era that many may not have known even existed." 
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Living Life As Lady Georgie
Rhys Bowen

Author of Queen Of Hearts
A Royal Spyness Mystery


Writers are always told to ‘write what you know’. I write about a young woman who is 35th in line to the throne of England in the 1930s. And I have to confess that I am neither royal, nor am I old enough to remember the time between the wars. But I have enough in common with Lady Georgie, my heroine, to know what her life was like.   —Read on

How President Lincoln inspired the plot of A Grave Matter
Anne Lee Huber


I was surprised to learn that in 1876 there had been a plot to steal Lincoln’s corpse from its grave in Springfield, IL. and ransom it back in exchange for $200,000.

I found the entire caper to be fascinating, and a light bulb went off inside my head. In the time and place in which I’ve set my stories—1830 Scotland—body snatching was a viable, though criminal, profession, and a terrible problem for authorities and upstanding citizens. But how much more could a grave robber hope to make by ransoming the body of a loved one back to their wealthy family?  And thus the plot of A Grave Matter was born.   —
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These are some of my favorite things.
Sheila Roberts


When a girl is writing a book it's always a good idea to write about something she loves. So when I started thinking about what to include in my new Icicle Falls novel, The Teashop on Lavender Lane, I decided it would be fun to add a teashop to the town.

I love teashops. They're always so pretty and girlie with their linen tablecloths and fancy china teacups and teapots. And really, who uses teacups anymore?  Oh, yeah. Me. I love to have tea parties!  —
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My (not-so) secret love affair. . .
Shiloh Walker


I have a confession to make.

My name is Shiloh Walker, and I have an addiction—something I want so badly it's actually Deeper Than Need. (Heh...see what I did there?)

I'm addicted to . . . to . . . to hot sauce. There. I said it. Glad I got that off my chest. When I'm writing and my brain gets tired, I don't go for the coffee, I go for something spicy. —
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Whose story was it? Why? What happened?
Susan Wittig Albert

I love books that tell true stories about real people who survive enormous challenges. That was why, when I read Eric Larson’s book, Isaac’s Storm, about the hurricane that wiped out Galveston TX in 1900, I knew I had to write about it. The hurricane fascinated me because it was a Texas event, of course—and because Galveston worked so hard to rebuild itself. But the storm is also fascinating because it’s not just historical, it’s timely and topical. So I began to collect research materials describing the 1900 storm and think about how I would tell such a story. Whose story was it? Why? What happened? What happened after that?—Read on


Grab The Brass Ring!
Laura Childs

Because success is a brass ring (not gold, just brass) that’s out there for anyone to grab hold of. You just have to make the effort. You have to develop a clear-cut vision, figure out a strategy, and then be utterly dogged in your pursuit.  In other words, you have to be fearless.—Read on


The Setting or the Story?
Deborah Crombie

Readers often ask, what comes first, the setting or the story? I know you're thinking, oh, right, the chicken and the egg thing— it's the unanswerable question. But sometimes there is a first, and what I always have to say is "it depends entirely on the book."  In The Sound of Broken Glass, the story gets the prize. —Read on


Where Have All the Regencies Gone?
Elizabeth Boyle

"Let me say first and foremost, I love traditional Regency romances. Sparkling dialogue, sizzling sexual tension, characters that make me laugh out loud or have me considering their follies for days after. These books allow me to go beyond my well played video tape of Pride & Prejudice and experience the Regency over and over and over.  Considering the continued popularity of the A&E version of Jane Austen's masterpiece it would seem to go hand in hand that traditional regencies have shared in this popularity. But instead, they've become a victim of all the things that make them wonderful: their size, their very name, and coupled with a tight market, they seem to be fading..."  —Read on


The Greatest Books You're Not Reading
Niki Burnham

"Now my friend and I talk YA books all the time-and yes, I'm even writing them. They're not saccharine sweet, simplistic or uninteresting 'issue' books. Rather, they're fast-paced, sophisticated and a flat-out good time. Best of all, today's YA books are written for young adults with the assumption they're adults, not children, which makes these titles fabulous reading for anyone from 14 to 104." —Read on

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