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Janelle Denison is without a doubt one of the best authors on the Series Romance scene. I only had the priviliege of discovering her work last year and after reading just one book from Janelle, I was hooked. Her prose is sumptuous and steamy, her dialogue is real and totaly captivating, and her beautifully created characters linger in your heart long after the story is over. Janelle has won several awards for her excellent and totally scintillating stories and each new novel brings her fans even more tantalizing tales. If you love heroes who ooze sex appeal and stories that steam up your windows or cause a blazing meltdown, you've simply got to read a Janelle Denison novel! But first read what else she has going on in the land of writing and romance...
You must be so pleased with the enormous success of your last two books, TEMPTED and SEDUCED. There was a character in SEDUCED, Ryan's sister, Natalie - would you ever consider writing her story' I'm sure there are many readers out there, like me, who would love know how sassy Natalie finds love! Ahh, Natalie. She only had a very small part in SEDUCED, but I've had so many requests for her story! She seems like she'd be a fun heroine to write, too. However, between writing for Temptation, and now the new Harlequin Blaze line, my writing schedule is booked through 2003, and I don't know where I'd fit her story in. I'm definitely going to keep it in mind, though, and if the opportunity (and the right hero) presents themselves, I'll be sure to give Natalie her own HEA. Ryan, your hero from SEDUCED, was one of the most sensual and tender-hearted men ever created within the pages of a book. What or who inspired this character' I knew Jessica, the heroine from SEDUCED, would need a hero who was intuitive enough to see past her past scars and fears, and sensitive enough to cater to her insecurities in a way that would gain her trust. That's what inspired Ryan and all his wonderful, sexy, generous qualities. Ryan first presented himself in TEMPTED, and it was obvious from the first moment that Ryan and Jessica met that sparks were gonna fly between these two... and they did! Jessica didn't want to have anything to do with Ryan, but the man was very persistent, going so far as to use seduction to sway her. And boy, did it ever! With so many books under your belt now, you've certainly given your readers a lot of heroes to lose their hearts to. Ryan has won awards in his own right - he's just so awesome. But, of all the heroes you have created, which one is special to you, personally' I adore all my heroes -- they're all very sexy, honorable men who know what they want and don't hesitate to go after it . . . the heroine! But yes, I do have a few favorites. Kane Fielding from my very first Harlequin Romance is probably my most special and favorite hero I've created. He's illiterate, and while he's gruff and defensive externally, he's so tender and caring on the inside. I loved writing his story and giving him a heroine who would understand his disability and work with him toward healing a very painful past. Nick Petrocelli from NICK OF TIME was a lot of fun to write, and of course there's Ryan Matthews who completely "seduced" me, too! I do have a new favorite to add to the list - Ian Carlisle from my upcoming October 2001 Harlequin Blaze release, HEAT WAVES. Wow, what a guy! He's a lot like Ryan in as that he wants the heroine, and he'll do just about anything to have her. He's sexy, gorgeous, and very, very persuasive! I've heard you're starting a new mini-series with fellow authors Carly Phillips and Julie Kenner later this year. You'll be kicking off the series with your next release, SEDUCTIVE FANTASY, in May. Please tell us a little bit about the mini-series and your first book. Yes, the three of us are part of a mini-series within the Temptation line called "Fantasies, Inc". All four of these books revolve around individual private resorts that caters to guests fantasies (as you can imagine, the possibilities of that are endless!). The titles of the books indicate which resort will be featured. All the stories are incredibly sexy and deeply emotional, and there is a secondary character's story that is woven through each book and is granted her own HEA at the end of the series. SEDUCTIVE FANTASY kicks off the series in May and sets the stage for Fantasies, Inc., and the secondary character's story, then is followed by SECRET FANTASY in June by Carly Phillips. Julie Kenner has the third book in the series with INTIMATE FANTASY out in July, then I have the final book in August with WILD FANTASY. While there is a secondary character story woven through each of our books, the stories do stand on their own, as well. Working on a Continuity type of mini-series like this one with other authors must be a whole different kind of ball game, considering you all have to discuss in length each set of characters and certain key events that would be important to the continuing story. I'm sure it must be quite an experience when a group of highly creative minds get together to cook up something like this. Do you find it very challenging' Actually, the whole process was so much fun, and yes, challenging, too. I highly respect both Carly Phillips and Julie Kenner - as writers and as friends, and that made the experience easier and more enjoyable than if they'd been someone I didn't know. We all pretty much had free rein of our stories and plots, and since each story takes place on a different island resort, we didn't have to worry about keeping the same setting for all four books. The biggest challenge was the secondary character's story that we wove through each of our books. Before writing our stories, we tossed out ideas and nailed down the background of this character - her name is Merrilee, and she owns the island resorts. Years ago she lost her true love in the Vietnam War... or so she believes. And now there is a mysterious new pilot, C.J. Miller, who is hired on at Fantasies, Inc., and during the course of our stories, the reader gets to discover just who this man is. That was the biggest continuity thread between the four stories, yet it all seemed to fall into place much easier than I'd expected. How did you come up with the premise for SEDUCTIVE FANTASY' I've always wanted to do a revenge type story, and saw this as the perfect opportunity. Jackson Witt has every reason to believe that Alexis Baylor stole the technology that would have made his computer company a mint, and when he discovers that she's planning a vacation at Seductive Fantasy, he does the same, intent on stealing something from Alexis in turn . . . her heart. His plan is to infiltrate her fantasy, seduce her senseless, then leave her behind. Except he doesn't count on the seduction working both ways! What sort of a writer are you' Do you plot and plan each and every scene precisely' Or do you get the basic gist of the story sorted out in your head chapter by chapter and let the characters do the rest' Depends on what kind of deadline I'm up against, LOL. Being a very organized Virgo, I usually like to have a detailed outline of the story with most of the scenes planned out so I know where I'm heading with the characters and plot. I like to feel secure in what direction my story is heading, but I do have to say that sometimes my characters do take over and lead me down a path I'd never expected to take! If I'm on a tight deadline, I find that I write from the seat of my pants and hope and pray that my characters know what they're doing when they insist on heading in a certain direction. I understand you'll be wrapping up the Fantasies Inc. series too with the release of WILD FANTASY in August 2001. Please tell us a little bit about this one. WILD FANTASY is just as the title implies . . . WILD! I wanted to do something different for this last book and decided to pair up a couple who already knew each other. Mitch Lassiter and Nicole Britton have secretly wanted each other for years, but have been denying that attraction for various reasons. Now, finding themselves partnered for a week long adventurous charity event on a lush island resort brimming with all kinds of sexy possibilities, they make a pact to indulge in a hot, seductive, anything-goes affair. Trouble is, neither one of them is prepared for where their wild fantasies will lead them! This last book is also where Merrilee will finally get her own happily-ever-after, too! Of the two books that you have written for this mini-series, is there one that is more special to you' I had so much fun writing both books, and each story is so different from the other, that it's hard for me to choose! You'll have to let me know which book is YOUR favorite! Tell us a little bit about Janelle Denison, the individual. What makes you tick' Chocolate and French vanilla coffee makes me tick! Seriously, having a supportive husband and family, and being surrounded by such great friends is what gives me the greatest pleasures. What's the most exciting adventure or unforgettable situation you've ever found yourself in' Wow, that's a hard question! I do have to say one of the most unforgettable situations I've been in was last year when I was nominated for a RITA for my Temptation, CHRISTMAS FANTASY. That was such an incredible honor for me! As far as exciting adventures goes, the freshest one that stands out in my mind is from this past March when I was a chaperone for my 10 year old daughter's fifth grade camp. I had a cabin with 20 ten year old girls, and it was like a huge slumber party! The nights were endless and sleepless, and the days were exhausting - for me, anyway! We went on many nature hikes, and while the kids scrambled over rocks and trails like energetic squirrels, I huffed and puffed and wheezed my way through the hike! It made me realize that while I might feel young, my body is getting too old! Being a romance author, I'm sure one of the most important beliefs you must have is a faith in Happy Endings. Would you be willing to share how you found your own special Happily Ever After with all your fans' My happily-ever-after began when I was sixteen years old. That's when I met my husband Don, who was twenty at the time. I was at a restaurant checking out a guy I liked, and that's when I saw Don and forgot all about the other guy I was there for! We dated for five years before getting married, and have been married for fourteen years this April 11th. Wow, where has the time gone' Don and I have two daughters, Danielle age 10, and Kellie age 8. Don is my rock, my soul-mate, and undeniably he's my very best friend, and knowing that we'll be growing old together makes the future one I'm looking forward to. When you aren't writing, or reading, or spending time with your family, what do you like to do' Do you have any hobbies that help you relax and unwind' Free time' What's that' LOL! My life has been so hectic, I don't have time for hobbies! I love to cross-stitch, but haven't done so in YEARS. I miss that! What helps me to relax the most is shopping. Not necessarily spending money, but just walking through shops and malls. I love to window shop and browse, which is a very mindless activity that helps to clear my head and work through any problems I might be having on a story. Other than the Fantasy series, what other projects do you have coming out in the next year' After the Fantasy books I have another book out in October of this year, HEAT WAVES, which is part of the new Harlequin Blaze line launch. HEAT WAVES is also part of the Sexy City Nights series within the Blaze line, and was so much fun to write. These two characters just came alive for me and this was one of those stories where THEY basically wrote the book. But I love the end results, and I do have to say that HEAT WAVES is by far my hottest, sexiest book to date and most definitely deserves to be a Blaze. Then coming in 2002, I'll have a three book series that will revolve around one sister and two brothers who work for a P.I. firm. The first book is a Harlequin Blaze, BOUND AND DETERMINED (Title will change), which is my female bounty hunter story that I've been wanting to write for so long. The next book will cross over into a Temptation and will be about one of the brothers of BOUND AND DETERMINED, and the third story will again be another Harlequin Blaze which will give the last brother his own HEA. I'm working on the first book now, and am looking forward to writing all three hot and sexy books! Janelle, thank you so much for sparing the time for this interview. I've really enjoyed getting to know more about you. Good luck in the future and please do keep on writing all those steamy, sexy stories for fans like me! You're awesome. Thank you, Lee! For anyone who is interested in reading excerpts and updates on my releases, or would like the chance to win a free autographed book of their choice, be sure to visit my website. I also have an e-newsletter available to anyone who is interested, which will keep you updated on my latest books, fun contests and other news.
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