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Julia London

Julia London is a Texan through and through. After getting degrees in Government she worked for the White House as a civil employee - not as an intern - and traveled across the US, Europe and the Middle East. But, like the majority of native Texans she grew homesick, returned "home" to be near her family, and took a public administration job in Austin.

Julia is one of the chosen few who had her very first manuscript bought and published immediately. She is a New York Times bestselling author—several times over. Our interview with Julia brought out some interesting tid-bits and facts. We are going to call this interivew...

Twelve Things You Don't Know About Julia London

What's the one thing you never leave home without?

My sunglasses and my iPod.

What can you tell us about your newest books?

DANGERS OF DECEIVING A VISCOUNT, an October 2007 release, is the last book in the Desperate Debutantes trilogy, about two sisters and their cousin who must pull themselves up by their bootstraps when their mother dies. When last we saw Lady Phoebe Fairchild, she was making beautiful handmade gowns and selling them by pretending to be the agent for the fictional modiste, Madame Dupree. Phoebe is well aware that the ton would be appalled to learn of a lady of quality involved in a trade. So when circumstances force her to visit the estate of William Darby, the Viscount of Summerfield, to design ball gowns for his sisters, she assumes Madame's identity.

Phoebe's discomfort in her new position as hired help is nothing compared to her visceral attraction to the viscount himself. Talk about a hunk! And he's fearless and interesting and everything London is not. He is also shamelessly seductive and invites her to be his mistress—why not? He thinks she is a widow and probably in need of a good romp in the hay like he is. Phoebe is shockingly tempted to accept. But as their desire for one another grows, and the risk of exposure becomes even greater, Phoebe is in dire danger of losing everything-including him.

AMERICAN DIVA (August 2007) is the last book in the Thrillseekers, Anonymous series, about a bunch of guy who stage extreme sports vacations. The book is about Jack. He signs on to do security for the world's hottest pop star and learns that there is a person behind all the diva attitude. Audrey LaRue, the pop star, has risen to fame and fortune so fast she doesn't know what she's doing and can't trust anyone. Jack is the only rock in the bunch. But he doesn't bow to her. Throw in a sicko intent on hurting her, and a triangle love story, and the sparks are flying.

And if you are a fan of the "Guiding Light" soap opera, I hope you saw JONATHAN'S STORY. It's a tie-in to the Emmy-award winning soap, and tells what happened to the soap's ultra-popular bad boy, Jonathan Randall, when he faked his death by driving off a cliff. You don't have to be a "Guiding Light" fan to read the book—it stands alone.

What's on your TBR pile?

The Emperor's Children by Claire Messud, Rivals For The Crown by Kathleen Givens, and To Hell With Love by Sherri Erwin. Kathleen Givens is a master at historical drama, and Sherri Erwin has the sharpest wit of any writer I know. I've never read Claire Messud before, so I can't comment, but I am eager to read her book.

What's the first thing you do in the morning?

You mean besides stumbling around to let the dogs out? I make hot tea and read the paper. I have to know my horoscope. Don't ask me why—it's out of my head the moment I read it, but it's like an OCD thing . . . MUST. READ. HOROSCOPE. Then, I walk dogs, vacuum dog hair (the very BANE of my existence) and get to work.

If you had to name three books in three seconds that stand out in your mind, what would they be?

Oh man-okay, The Other Boleyn Girl by Phillipa Gregory (she's an absolute master at bringing history to life), A Thousand Little Pieces by James Frey (I was so sucked in by that book, the rat!), by Sharon Kay Penman (that book brought me back to reading after a hiatus in my twenties). Here Be Dragons

What's your favorite comfort food?

Are you kidding? Chocolate-in its purest form, in brownies, bread, cakes, or cookies, in milk, in bar drinks, in baths, slathered on my body-however I can get it.

What sort of housekeeper are you?

Socially acceptable, but I'm not going to win any awards. You won't get dysentery if you come to my house because I am wise enough to employ the services of someone who can (will) clean better than me. However, I do make a very diligent effort to keep the dog hair at bay!

What's your favorite of the books you've written?

That's so hard! I will always be partial to Devil's Love, my first book, because it was my first book. I wasn't published, knew nothing about publishing and had no pressure and expectations—it was just about the writing. I was in love with writing. I still love to write, but I'm not in love with it like I was then-too many aspects of the publishing business have crept in, and now the bloom is off the rose, so to speak. I like all my other books for different reasons, but my favorite is always the next one percolating in my head.

What is one that your mother would use to describe you?

Perceptive. Since I can remember, she has told me that I am very perceptive about other people's feelings. I think it went something like: "Mom, I hit my brother again because he took my (insert toy here). I think it hurt him."

What's the hardest thing about writing?

Writing is a joy. The hardest part is doing it in a vacuum. I sit in an office with only two dogs all day long. I have no idea where my books are, of if they are selling, or if people like them until someone tells me. And until someone tells me—which they will, eventually—my imagination takes over and I begin to conjure up all sorts of scenarios that inevitably end with my living under a bridge for a lack of income. None of my scenarios is ever close to the truth. Being paranoid is exhausting work!

If you could get on a plane and go anywhere, right now, today, would it be a beach or the mountains?

Definitely the mountains—I love the mountains and the cool, clean air. But my husband is the opposite, and as luck would have it, we are getting on a plane in the next couple of days and going to a beach. I can't wait to share my thighs with everyone there!

Is there anything else you can tell us about what you have in store before we wrap up?

Yes! The Desperate Debutante series was so fun to write—I am going to miss the girls when they are gone. But I am on to new and exciting things. My next historical, The Book of Scandal, is set in the time when the Prince and Princess of Wales sought a divorce because of infidelity. Not Charles and Di—George and Caroline. They were the original bad marriage and in 1806, their very public path to divorce was fraught with scandal that touched the highest reaches of aristocracy.

And I have good news for those of you trying to find some of my older titles. Some of them—I'm not sure how many of them—but some will be reissued next year, starting with Dangerous Gentleman and Ruthless Charmer from the Rogues of Regent Street trilogy in January, 2008.

Finally, for those of you who like paranormals, I am writing a series about witches and warlocks descended from Merlin. Watch for details of that series on my website, http://www.julialondon.com.

Thanks so much for having me and I hope you enjoy THE DANGERS OF DECEIVING A VISCOUNT.
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